“Cathy Lynn is a brilliantly gifted intuitive reader.  I’ve had her read for me numerous times, and in each reading she not only uncovered many truths about my situation, but also showed me how the cards offer guidance on how to handle them.  She empowered me to do some things differently, and I accomplished some small changes I needed to make in order avoid the pitfalls she had seen.  Yes, she delivered some difficult news, too, but by the end of the reading she had divined from the cards a wise path for navigating its course.  She is accurate,wise, and compassionate. I strongly recommend her to be your next reader.”                     –Christopher in Nashville


“Cathy Lynn is a level-headed and pure intuitive who puts those she’s reading for instantly at ease. She well understands and teaches that the tarot spread is not a lottery ticket for permanent answers, but rather a hint of things which either could come or be avoided. Her advice and interpretations were exactly spot-on for what I was going through in my life, yet the entire experience held the feeling of mutual exploration instead of pushy guidance. If you’re looking for fireworks, drama, and “woo-woo”, go somewhere else. But if you’re open-minded and looking for another perspective from someone who is a real, down-to-earth translator on the unseen circumstances in this world, Cathy Lynn is definitely your woman.”              — Tracy, Nashville, TN