As a tarot reader, my intent is to be of service and help to those for whom I read.  A reading is meant to offer information, perspective, or possible options around the question asked.

Though I may see a trend of actions within the cards, I cannot say what will happen in the future.  Free will is something we all have, and any decision made can alter futuristic outcomes. A reading is a snapshot in time.  My hope is that you will leave the reading feeling empowered and better equipped to make the best decision or take the best action for yourself. You alone are responsible for the decisions and actions you take. I cannot make decisions for you.

You can count on me for the following:

I will give you a reading that is truthfully interpreted to the best of my ability.  This may include information that isn’t always positive.

I will attempt to help you phrase your question(s) in such a way as to get the most benefit.

I will be empathetic and compassionate, and will not judge you, your situation or your relationships.

I will not reveal what you tell me about yourself, your situation or your relationships. Confidentiality is assured.  However, if I believe you to be in danger of hurting yourself or someone else, I will alert the appropriate authorities.

I will remain within my area of expertise.  I will encourage you to seek the professional opinions of others as it might seem fit from the reading, such as a financial planner, a lawyer, a doctor, a counselor, etc.

I will read for only the person requesting the reading.  I will not do a third party reading. Nor will I read for anyone under the age of 18.

I will not predict physical death.

I will continue to study and look for more ways to offer insight during a reading.