The Star

The Star:

This is a card about hope, joy, rejuvenation and constancy. It indicates a right path. With belief in self and positivity, anything is now possible.

Universal flow of healing and hopeful energy. There is renewal after we’ve been through difficult times. Hope springs and the flow of things brings us back to what matters.

The Star (R):

The shiny has become tarnished, but glimmers of what it was still shine through. Hope, courage, inspiration work in the same way. There is always hope, courage is the underpinning of every day, and inspiration can be found if looked for. Grab a rag and get to work on finding the shiny again. It’s still there.

Sometimes our vision becomes distorted by the events that happen around us and in our lives. We find it harder to have hope and the faith that all will be well. Still, if we are willing to see it, the silver lining is there; finding it just requires more effort than usual. Exert the effort.

We can only be on the optimistic train for so long before something will knock us off, creating, for a moment, a lapse. We’ll feel uninspired, lack-luster, and perhaps even focus on the negative for a bit. But our optimism and hope can be easily regained with just a little effort. Where are you feeling let-down? What has left you with feelings of disengagement? Look for ways to rekindle that sense of hope that all will turn out as it should.