The Hanged Man

The Hanged Man:

There is deliberate commitment to spirituality, flexibility, and openness to change in this card. Taking time out to suspend activity, to think it through, or meditate and allow the divine to intervene requires commitment. Take the time today. It will be worth it.

Purposeful suspension of action. New perspectives. Re-examination of life to see what is serving us and what’s not. What behaviors or habitual patterns are holding us back? Which ones are helping push us forward?

We traditionally think of having our feet on the ground in order to be grounded. The Hanged Man suggests if we have our feet firmly grounded in the spiritual, we will see the world from a different perspective because our filter will be one of love and the greater good. Consider where you need to have a perspective that is grounded in a higher purpose.

The Hanged Man (R):

Seeing things from a different perspective is good, but at some point you have to apply what you’ve seen. Enlightenment means little if you don’t apply it to your life.