The Empress

The Empress:

The whole idea behind this card, to me, is abundance. She is surrounded by opulence and bounty. She is spiritually aware. She wants for nothing because all her needs are met. And she is completely grounded within herself. Confident and secure.

She is connected to the rhythms of the universe, but grounded in her nurturing and beautiful creative forces. She understands the intricacies of life, and glows with sensuality. She is the quintessential mother. And she is in all of us. Tap into her and feed your sexy, sensual, creative soul with the things that make you glow.

The Empress (R):

There is a feeling of inability to draw on the essence of creativity, inner beauty, and the flow of all things abundant. Return to The High Priestess, take that introspective look, and return a trusting place of intuition and ability. Then re-emerge as the Empress upright.