The Devil

The Devil:

The fires of the ego have been lit. It can be a fruitful time mastering the material, hedonistic world. Just be very, very careful that all the fun doesn’t lead to an inflated head, a lack of humility, and being lured into the cave where it all becomes a serious pursuit, and sight is lost of what it really is.

What is controlling your life right now? Have you become a tied to something that isn’t good for you? Do you think you deserve to be tied to it? Think again. Pay attention to the things that restrict you – do they serve your highest good?

The Devil(R):

When things feel a bit out of control, one of the easiest ways to regain a sense of balance is to “do” something. Take a step toward normal. Make a decision, no matter how small. When my life gets wonky – one of the first things I’ll do is clean. And I hate housework. But there’s something about it that shows progress, and leaves me feeling less without choice. It’s that kind of step toward whatever your idea of “normal” is.

The time has come to take steps toward regaining control over what is yours to control and accept the changes that have happened or are about to happen. Look at what is ultimately unhealthy in your life and give yourself permission to be rid of it.

Could also be that the changes have come. They’ve been accepted, but there are still feelings that need to be dealt with. The feelings may be stifling the ability to truly experience the good things the change brought about. Harmony has been achieved – revel in it!