The Chariot

I’ve struggled with this card for a very long time in terms of what it means. I use the Rider-Waite deck, and it’s Chariot has no horses or reins. It has two sphinx. Most folks consider this a card about control, or strength of will, and I can see that. I think this card is about the laws of attraction. This charioteer isn’t trying to control the chariot, or anything around him. He’s outside the city walls, out of the box so to speak. He has done his spiritual work. He has done his physical work. He’s now let go of the reigns, and believes that all will happen as it should He has released the outcome and is relying on the “source” or “God” or “universal laws of attraction” for the outcome. So from my perspective on this card, the message today, is – Do the work. Do your spiritual work. Do your physical work. Be the things you want, and you will attract exactly what you need into your life, at exactly the right time.

To say this is a complex card would be an understatement. It speaks to control over the mental and spiritual. It insinuates movement, but the chariot doesn’t move. Because today starts a new moon phase, I’m going to look at the card from that perspective. On the right shoulder is the waxing crescent, a phase about absorbing. On the left is the waning balsamic, a phase about letting go. Consider this: The path to spiritual and emotional enlightenment lies in the balance of absorbing and letting go. What needs to be taken in today? What needs to be released?


Loss of focus, and a seeming loss of personal charisma and influence. A feeling of being out of balance or harmony with people and events. Self-mastery seems to be a low point.