The Emperor

The Emperor:

Under the magnificent mantle of the Emperor, he still wears the armor of his knighthood. Beneath his successful external still beats the heart of young man who had the wherewithal to fight the good fight. He remains young at heart and willing. Sometimes we let our stoicism get in the way of what is important. When we do it stifles our creativity and our sense of what is true success.

In an ever changing world, it can be hard at times to feel stable. Yet, when we think about it, we have many touchstones in our lives that represent stability and structure. What are yours? Today would be a good day to reconnect with those touchstones.

The Emperor (R):

There’s a certain feeling of apathy, or powerlessness in the air today. Though advice might be needed, it’s hard to accept it from authority figures when feelings are such, but it might just be the kick in the pants needed.