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Allowing myself to trust my intuition and believe that my passions are indeed my path have been, and continue to be, a major part of my journey.  Those passions include the esoteric studies of tarot, energetic healing, dream interpretation and palmistry, as well as creative and fictional writing.

I was introduced to the idea of intuitive card readings when I was a teenager.  My grandmother’s next door neighbor read cards, and did a reading for me once.  My grandmother, a staunch Christian, walked in while she was talking to me and pretty much ended the reading.  The lady offered to read for me again, but I never followed up with her, though I very much wanted to!  Then in my late twenties, I met a young woman from Louisiana who read tarot.  She and I became good friends, and my affinity for tarot began.  From that point on, I started studying different tarot books and trying to learn the meanings of the cards.  That was about 20 years ago now.

The study of tarot increased my ability to be open minded about other more esoteric practices such as energetic healing and palmistry.  I studied Healing Touch and completed three levels of training wthin that program, as well as assisted a certified teacher with her beginner classes.  Recently I’ve started studying palmistry seriously and hope to add it to my repertoire of abilities.

My passion for writing has resulted in my on-going journaling as well as my participation in National Novel Writing Month for many years. I have been published in my hometown newspaper, Bookpage, and have short stories in the first and second issues of Ink Monkey Magazine.  I co-author the blog 3 Shared Paths, as well as a blog on this site.  And I’m an assistant organizer of the Nashville Writer’s Group, which now has a membership of over 1300 writers.

My formal education includes a Bachelor of Social Work, extensive executive training, Coaching training, Six Sigma Black Belt training, Healing Touch training, creative writing studies, and I am now enrolled in a two year study of Tarot through Tarot Professionals.

I'd love to hear from you! Ask questions, send comments or suggestions, or let me know about other ways you're using your cards.

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