Tarot for the Signs – July 14 through 20

Influencer for the week: The Moon
This week listen to your intuition. See the path that isn’t obvious – explore it, because it just might be the right one.
Here”s what”s in the cards for your zodiac sun sign this week! Feel free to share with your friends, and on your Facebook page! See you next week.
Cathy Lynn

Aries: The Star

The StarAries this card is a great one for you. It centers around hope, joy, rejuvenation and constancy. It can indicate you’re on the right path. So, with your strong belief in self and positivity, anything is possible this week! Look to the things that come your way with that faith that all will work out as it should, and enjoy it when it does.






Taurus: The Tower

The TowerTaurus, this may be a difficult card for you. It goes against your sense of security and solidarity. Something may be about to rock your world and create some shifts in your life. And though it might seem to appear suddenly, it’s something you’ve known was coming. So look for those shifts, and rely on your incredible ability to “unplug” if things get too stressful, and you’ll weather the week just fine.



Gemini: 4 of Swords

4 of SwordsAlthough you love to be active, involved, and on the go, Gemini, the 4 of Swords is a clear indication that a rest is needed. Be conscious of your energy levels this week, and if you feel rundown, definitely take a time out, do whatever it takes for you to recharge. That may mean shutting that active head of yours off for a little while, or possibly some actual physical downtown.




Cancer: Queen of Cups reversed

With the Queen of Cups reversed as your card for the week, Cancer, you may find that your emotions are on overload. Your sensitive nature takes over and you may feel out of control, and unableQueen of Cups reversed to truly focus on what matters. Being awash in “feeling” can be exhausting, too. Just know it’s temporary. Everything will right itself again. To help it along, consider reaching out to your friends who are really grounded. They will help you stay afloat.


Leo: The Empress

The EmpressLeo, The Empress evokes all those wonderful, positive qualities Star Casino a nostro avviso è il casinò più completo che si possa trovare sul mercato. you have. This woman is spiritually aware, and completely grounded within herself. She is confident, secure and glowing with sensuality. So, tap into her this week, feed your sexy, sensual and creative soul in all the ways that boost you, and make you a delight to mobile casino everyone around you.





Virgo: 2 of Pentacles

“Decisions” is the word for the week with this card, Virgo. These decisions may lie in your hands, or they may not. Odds are, though, they will center around money and ideas, sprinkled 2 of Pentacleswith a large dose of emotion. Use you practical nature, and consider how you’re making decisions this week, take a hard look at the emotional attachments, and ingrained attitudes you have about money. Weigh your decisions and ideas on more than just the financial side. Just because our emotional/attitudinal self might think something is bad, doesn’t mean it is. Sometimes those terrible ideas become the very things that propel you to new heights.

Libra: 5 of Cups reversed

5 of Cups reversedLibra, this card says you’re right on target this week when you take the attitude of “It’s time to stop thinking about the past and move forward into the opportunities of the future.” You or those around you may have been stuck in past issues, but this week a forward momentum can be achieved. The mourning period is over.


Scorpio: 4 of Cups reversed

It looks like your tenacity and hard work are going to pay off this week, Scorpio, with a new opportunity. So pay attention, something may be about to drop into your lap! And you’re just4 of Cups reversed the one to take advantage of all the great creative energy that will come with it!


Sagittarius: Queen of Swords

Queen of SwordsSagittarius, this is another one of those weeks where you need to keep a cool head rather than allowing the quick temper of yours to reign. Draw on the strength of this queen. She has the ability to marry intellect with empathy where it”s needed, yet keep a cool head. So trust your instincts in a thoughtful and practical way, this week, but also offer empathy where it”s needed.




Capricorn: Ace of Swords

The creative spark, or the passionate feelings we have for our ideas is what this ace is all about, Capricorn. And that’s right up your alley. Fan that small flicker of an idea into something Ace of Swordsstrong and sustainable. It’s time to make your move.


Aquarius: King of Cups reversed

King of Cups reversedIs there someone around you, Aquarius, who is trying to pin you down? Or perhaps corner you about something. How are you handling the situation? When this card comes up reversed, it’s time to consider how mature you, or those around you, are behaving in stressful situations. This reversed King is the master of manipulating people’s emotions, and not necessarily in a good way. So, be vigilant in how you’re treating people emotionally, and how you’re allowing them to treat you.



Pisces: 9 of Swords

The 9 of Swords asks you to be careful of what you’re considering real concerns and what might just be imagined concerns. When we”re in the dark, alone, with no distractions and trying 9 of Swordsto go to sleep, worries, concerns, and the things that leave us feeling anxious and scared surface quickly. Your compassionate nature, Pisces, can have you in that very position, worrying over both the real and the not so real. This week, be careful that you consider what things you have control over and what you don’t, and don’t let those things you can’t control, control you and your feelings.

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