Tarot for the Signs – July 7 through 13

The week”s major influence is the 2 of Cups reversed. This is also last week’s last daily card. This week will be greatly influenced by the health of your relationships, not only with others, but with yourself. You may start to see the cracks as stresses or situations arise this week. Likewise, you may have opportunities to shore up some relationships that are in desperate need of attention. Do what you need to: Step away; take breath; re-evaluate your relationships; recharge the ones that need recharged; reconnect with those that you miss. But, first and foremost, determine if the relationship contributes to your health and well-being, and that includes the relationship you have with yourself. As you read your sign”s tarot card for the week, bear in mind the relationship influence as well.
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Cathy Lynn
Here”s what”s in the cards for your zodiac sun sign this week! Enjoy!


9 of Cups reversed Aries: 9 of Cups reversed

This card speaks to dissatisfaction, and that’s something that Aries has a tough time with. It can bring out your competitive nature in a heartbeat. You might become a bit pushy, even overbearing in your quest to get things done, or back on course. This card also plays right into how you feel, Aries, when people can’t keep up with you. You can become bored and antsy to say the least. So, consider this some insight for the week. When you start to feel frustrated, or dissatisfied, with situations, try taking a step back and reassessing, rather than trying to push forward.


Taurus: 5 of Pentacles5 of Pentacles

This week, Taurus, be careful that your stubborn streak, or your fixation on a particular goal doesn’t put you “out in the cold” so to speak. There is a resolution to be had if you’ll veer your course just slightly. Even though you may have a couple of people in your court, you may find that those who aren’t as warm to your plan as you are, are the very ones who have the answers to the problem. Ask for some objective input from those who are less than supportive to find out what their perspective is.


Ace of Swords reversedGemini: Ace of Swords reversed

This reversed Ace means this week, Gemini, may be a frustrating one for you. Just ass your nature tends to be dual, this sword is doubled-edged. It brings with it mental fuzziness, and possible setbacks in areas of mental stimulation. Don’t fret though, it won’t last long. Just be prepared to not be at your mental best every day this week. There will be times of absolute clarity followed by moments of confusion. Try not to make any “serious” decisions.


Cancer: The WorldThe World

Well, Cancer, The World indicates that you’re going to complete something monumental this week. Or, and this is the scary part for you Cancer, you’re going to have to start something new. Because, just when a project or journey is complete, really, it means another is just starting. New doors are opening as the old ones close. Try to embrace both the completion AND the new beginning. Things are shifting, and though it might mean change, it also means more fulfillment for you.


10 of PentaclesLeo: 10 of Pentacles

This card puts you right where you like to be, Leo: Right in the middle of abundance and affluence! Your charming disposition, and ability to connect and network will pay off in wonderful dividends this week. But, remember, these are long term commitments that are being made. You’re going to be working with these people and/or situations for some time to come.


Virgo: 2 of Wands2 of Wands

Virgo, this 2 of Wands asks you to engage your keen skills of observation this week. Lift L?s ogsa: Zombier indtager kasinoer – The Walking Dead slots pa vejVi har nu opgjort alle kategorier og kan uddele gavekort til de bedste BetXpert-brugere i november 2013 inden for kategorierne tips, blogs og forum. your sights casino online a little higher than normal, hover, see the bigger picture and the opportunities. You’ll find that your well observed insights are appreciated this week. Just make sure you weigh what you see carefully, then make or offer educated It is a complete iPhone best-data-recovery.com recovery tool that recovers the lost best-data-recovery.com both from the device as well as from ‘iTunes’. decisions rather than a speculative guesses.


Page of Cups reversedLibra: Page of Cups reversed

This Page, when reversed, speaks to emotional ups and downs, childishness, and possible tantrums. Now, we know Libra, that’s not your general demeanor. You’re willing to bend until you break to keep things on an even keel. But it looks like you may be dealing with someone this week that pushes you to just about TO your breaking point. And that may leave you with your own emotions on the topsy-turvy. Remember this week, though it might “feel” like your job to keep things balanced for everyone around you, it’s really not. This week focus on keeping yourself balanced.


Scorpio: Page of PentaclesPage of Pentacles

Your great ability to focus on what you want is going to start paying off this week. Keep nurturing your big ideas, strengthen your desire and add a healthy dose of your enthusiasm. Then start looking at process this week. What’s the process to get there? Look for news this week that will support you in your endeavor. Manifestation isn’t too far away, Scorpio.


The Star reversedSagittarius: The Star reversed

Sagittarius, this week your natural optimism may be tested. The shiny has become tarnished, but glimmers of what it was still shine through. Hope, courage, inspiration work in the same way. The Star whispers, “There is always hope, courage is the underpinning of every day, and inspiration can be found if looked for.” So, grab a rag, Sagittarius, and get to work on finding the shiny again. It’s still there.


Capricorn: The Tower reversedThe Tower reversed

Capricorn, this week may have some curveballs. When we want change, and we ask for it, we have to be willing to accept change in whatever form it comes. And change requires shifting. This means that “tried and true” may not be the right way this week. The Tower reversed suggests that we know what shift needs to happen, and we might even know it needs to happen in order to have what we want. Fear can make us unwilling to step out there on the proverbial limb. Are you resisting the very thing you’ve asked for?


Death reversedAquarius: Death reversed

Aquarius, have you been stretching yourself a little too thin of late? Change, no matter how small, can be exhausting, even when it’s for the best, as is the case with the Death card. Get some rest, do some meditation, stare into space, whatever is regenerating for you mentally, emotionally or physically this week. It’s just as necessary as everything else on your plate.


Pisces: 9 of Wands9 of Wands

The 9 of Wands suggests that your sensitivity, Pisces, is going to be on the overactive side this week. You may be feeling a little on edge, but not be able to exactly put your finger on the reason. It’s going to leave you feeling the need to isolate a bit this week, so take time out for yourself. Be vigilant in protecting yourself emotionally, mentally, and psychically. You may just need the break.

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