Tarot for the Signs June 30 through July 6

Here”s what”s in the cards for your zodiac sun sign this week!  Enjoy!


Aries:  The HermitThe Hermit

The energy of the Hermit is going to be tough for you Aries.  It’s about introspection, isolation and a different vantage point.  So, this card challenges you to step back this week and look at things from a more lofty position.  This can go completely against your take charge nature, but it just might be that you need the retreat.  Take a look around this week, see where you can let some things go and resist the urge to step in and take over.  Where is being in charge starting to eat away at your energetic reserves?  In what areas have you gotten so deep in the weeds that you can’t see the larger picture anymore?








Taurus:  Page of SwordsPage of Swords

The Page of Swords is a youngster who is almost too smart for his own good.  He is full of ideas, and wit, though at times a bit scattered.  But he has a perseverance that speaks to you Taurus.  And that’s part of the message he brings you this week.  There will be things going on this week that will require your natural ability to persevere. Messages that come may have sudden changes or may require sudden action.  If you’re not able to handle these things, look for that person around you who is like this Page, and offer the responsibility to them.  They will welcome the challenge, and move forward with the certainty of youth.







Two of SwordsGemini:  2 of Swords reversed

This 2 reversed is a good indication that you’ll be able to use your innate duality and intelligence to cut through both sides of an issue and come to the best decision.  So, don’t worry too much when you find yourself faced with a decision that has multiple sides to it.  You’ll do just fine in finding the best answer and course of action.







Cancer:  10 of Wands10 of Wands

The 10 of Wands carries the message that you can’t see where you’re going because you’ve taken on so much responsibility or burden, that you can’t even lift your head.  This is a bit of a wake call for you Cancer.  Take a look around and consider where you’ve become much too protective or burdened.  Look for ways to share the load, or at least put some of it down, and take in smaller chunks at a time.  Otherwise you’ll either start to feel buried or continue to feel buried under everything.








2 of Cups
Leo – 2 of Cups

Ah, charismatic and warm Leo!  It’s a week for you to look at your relationships, and consider who to partner with for various aspects of your life.  With your wide array of friends and acquaintances, both professional and personal, you shouldn’t have any problems creating the exact connections and partnerships needed this week.  Just remember it’s important to not only start out with healthy give and atoledo take, but to maintain it throughout the life of the relationship.








Virgo – 3 of Wands3 of Wands

This one may be a very difficult concept this week for you Virgo.  You like to finish what you start, and you like to see it all the way through to fruition.  Your diligence and sense of responsibility are part of what makes you who you are.  But, this week, the 3 of Wands asks you to let go, and trust that what you’ve already done was enough.  It asks you to allow yourself to believe that the return will have been worth the effort.  It’s time to stop tweaking and fussing with it.  Let it go.







4 of WandsLibra – 4 of Wands

The 4 of Wands goes right along with your social nature, Libra.  Look for this week to be more social than usual.  You may find yourself involved in all kinds of invigorating and joyful conversations and meetings, or you may be invited to various social gatherings, or meetings.  Allow yourself room to truly enjoy your amicable, approachable nature.  You never know what doors these little soirees might open!







Scorpio – 2 of Pentacles2 of Pentacles

The 2 of Pentacles is right up your alley Scorpio.  It’s indicative of a lot of “stuff” going on under the exterior surface – and isn’t that exactly like you?  There are emotional ups and downs, and the juggling of a lot of information, and the ideas that are springing from all of it, though, are starting to make you feel like a juggler, trying to dance and laugh, and entertain, and think, and balance, and, and… all at the same time.  It’s a good thing you’re an expert at all that, because this week is going to be all about the internal, and external juggling.  You, Scorpio, are definitely up to the task!








5 of PentaclesSagittarius – 5 of Pentacles

The 5 of Cups depicts a couple out in the cold snow.  They are battered, and yet are not taking comfort in the things available to them at a church they are passing.  In the reverse, this cards says it’s time to ask for help, and it offers a certain level of optimism in a somewhat bleak situation.  So, this week Sagittarius, your natural optimism is going to come into play hugely.  You may be faced with a rather bleak situation of your own, or asked to help with someone else’s.  Bring forward that well of positivity, rather than your quick temper, and things will work out just fine.








Capricorn – 9 of Cups9 of Cups

Well, well, Capricorn.  It looks like this will be a week of comfort and satisfaction.  The 9 of Cups is all about pleasure and self-satisfaction.  It looks like you have a lot to be happy about, so take the time this week for a little self-indulgence, and enjoyment of your life.  Careful that you don’t over-indulge!  And don’t forget to look back and see how you got where you are.  You have a lot to be proud of.








King of CupsAquarius – King of Cups

This King is a passionate man.  He is also a healer, and has mastered the ability to balance the conscious and unconscious emotions in such a way that he has gained much wisdom.  He has also mastered his creativity and found the outlet for it that feeds his soul.  Aquarius, this is a week primed for you to express your passions in a way that will be well received.  There may even be a man in an authority role who will hear you and be willing to support your cause.  Remember if you come in just trying to reform and change minds, you’ll never get there without their hearts.  “Mastery” is a key word for you this week.








Pisces – King of WandsKing of Wands

This king asks us to be passionate about harmony. He asks us to draw on our visionary abilities, while utilizing our listening skills. He wants us to be fiery when needed, but ultimately, work toward the common good.  These are all things you can get behind Pisces.  They speak to your humanitarian beliefs, your ideals and your intuition.  The challenge this King offers you this week, is to find a way of culminating all those wonderful qualities you have, and funnel them toward one of your deep seated dreams.  You know the one…. Yes… that one.


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