Tarot for the Signs, June 23 through 29

See what”s in the cards for your zodiac sun sign this week!  Enjoy!

Aries:  The Emperor

This is YOUR card Aries.  The Emperor embodies all that you are.  This week, know in your heart of hearts who and what you are, and be that.  You’ll have the support you need, and when you are in your truth, you’ll feel it, you’ll know you’re in your element.   This week, you’re in charge.  Go forth and do great things.

Taurus:  The Wheel of Fortune

Taurus, the Wheel of Fortune is all about change.  It can be gradual, it can come suddenly, but change is coming.  This element of life doesn’t always set well with you.  So, this week, as The Wheel turns bringing with it much needed difference in your life, whether you think so or not, consider your attitudes and coping mechanisms for change.  Are they negative?  Or positive?  If they are negative, it’s time to shift to the positive.

Gemini:  4 of Swords reversed

The 4 of Swords in general is about rest and recuperation, though reversed, it can be about easing back into the fray.  So, Gemini, it would seem there is a duality here – something Gemini’s k now all about.  Gemini’s like to be busy and expressive, and that can lead to over-exertion.  But, on the other hand, too much isolation does not make for a happy Gemini.  So, here’s the weeks advice:  If you’ve been incredibly busy, Gemini, it’s time for a time out.  Get some much needed rest this week.  If you’ve been a little too isolated, it’s time to spread your social butterfly wings and re-engage.

Cancer:  3 of Wands

If there was ever a card that said “Let go, and let God,” this is it. And Cancer, that can be very attractive to you until it has to do with giving up your safety and incurring some risk.  Try to think of letting go as a mechanism for return, rather than of giving up control.  Because it’s only when you let go, can anything BE returned.  This week, take a look at where you might be holding on a little too tightly.  Look for ways of releasing, so Source can give back to you in return.

Leo:  Queen of Cups reversed

This dear Queen is drowning in all things watery.  She is flowing and swirling, and finding it difficult to focus on what matters because of the overwhelming nature of the emotions, the creative thought process, the psychic messages that are coming her way.  This watery condition does not support the fiery Leo in any way.  In fact, it can douse Leo’s flame quicker than you can say “Cups!”  But don’t worry Leo.  All this touchy-feely stuff has its place, even in your life.  You may be just the person to bring all that water to a boil! Maybe even consider yourself the fiery life line! If you find it starts to drown you, reach out to those who ignite you.

Virgo:  5 of Pentacles reversed

When this card shows up reversed, it’s time to reach online australian casinos out for help. It’s time to accept that we cannot make the changes, or create the headway needed, in any kind of isolation.  And that can be quite hard for the independent, responsible, and sometime secretive Virgo.  But this week, it’s time to call upon your practical side, and look at the most efficient way to get done what needs done.   Reach out in whatever way necessary to make things happen.  In the end, it will have been worth it.

Libra: The Chariot reversed

When the Chariot arrives reversed, there is a definite feeling of being out of balance or harmony with people and events.  You may even feel like you’ve lost some of your personal charisma and influence.  Peace is nowhere to be found, and you may not be able to keep to the middle ground.  What to do?  What to do?  Look for the ways in which you CAN hold on online casino to, or bring back some, balance.  Your fair mindedness may be exactly what’s needed.

Scorpio:  5 of Cups reversed

Ah my dear, dear Scorpio, it’s time for some optimism my friend.  Holding onto the past should no longer be an option for you.  It’s time to move forward into the opportunities of the future. The road and destination are clear.  And this may be the hardest part for you: Forgiveness is the way to the goal;  Forgiveness of self, and others.  Find it in your heart this week.

Sagittarius: 6 of Swords reversed

A long standing silence on an issue is about to be brought to the forefront for conversation this week.  And though you like to be direct and forthright, try to be objective, and weigh things before you speak.  Consider the most palatable way of saying what needs to be said.  Rocking the boat is one thing, but you really don’t want the boat to sink. Don’t let it. Baggage is never easy to go through – but sometimes we have to.  This looks like the week for it.

Capricorn: 2 of Swords

The 2 of Swords is a card that is very supporting for you this week Capricorn. It’s time to simplify and get back to the calm of a well laid plan.  So, find yourself some quiet corners this week and suspend decisions where you can.  Protect this alone time, because you’re in need of it.  This time out will help you plan your next steps in whatever area of your life you’re feeling the need.  Balance the mental and physical.  Meditate.  When you come out on the other side of the week, you’ll see you’re back on track.

Aquarius:  Page of Swords reversed

When this young Page shows up reversed, you need to be very careful of how brash you’re coming across.  You may have the perfect come back for something that has been said, you may have the most beautiful way of getting your point across through sarcasm – but it may not be the right approach this week.   That zinger could very well come back to haunt.  Be careful in your speech this week.  Don’t throw out your intellectual might just because you can.

Pisces : 8 of Cups reversed

Although the urge to retreat this week may be very, very strong, Pisces, try not to do it.  Sometimes we get so feed up with situations it seems the only option is to leave them. Often we do it without really weighing the consequences of such a move. The 8 of Cups reversed asks us to reconsider. Look at it from the perspective of what serves and what doesn’t before you opt out. You may be missing a crucial e