Tarot for the Signs – week of June 16 through 22

See what”s in the cards for your zodiac sun sign this week!  Enjoy!

Aries:  The Hierophant

The Hierophant can speak to being steeped in history and tradition.  That can sometimes grate against the Aries personality.  This week, Aries, when you come up against the red tape of life, or the traditions and rules of situations, consider how you react.  Do you push against it or go with it?   Also consider what roles do traditions and history play in your life?

Taurus:  Death reversed

Death generally tells us that all things must end, and that transformation comes through that ending, and the beginning of a new phase.  In the reversed position, we are postponing things.  This reversed position can play right along with the Taurus trait of stubbornness.  This week, there may be many situations that bring out your stubborn streak.  When they do, consider if being stubborn, and set is holding you back from what could be if you were more allowing.

Gemini:  3 of Pentacles reversed

This three is about planning and execution, so in the reversed position, there are delays and/or a lack of both planning and execution.  Gemini’s flexibility and willingness to change can play right into an inability to get things done.  This week, look at the places where those traits are keeping you from moving forward in the ways you need or want to.  What can you do about it?

Cancer:  3 of Pentacles reversed

This three is about planning and execution, so in the reversed position, there are delays and/or a lack of both planning and execution.  Cancers have strong defense systems that will sometime keep them from changing in necessary ways.  Thus, when it comes time to actually make some changes, Cancer will delay it.  This week, Cancer, take a look at where you might be exhibiting too much resistance to change.   What can you do ease into it?

Leo – 7 of Swords

For you this week, I’m going to focus on the aspect of the 7 of Swords that represents trying to take on too much.  Leo’s love to be active, and in charge.   Sometimes, though, that can lead to taking on too many activities, or too much responsibility.  This week, Leo, take a look at your activities and the things you are now expected to do.  Are you trying to do so much that you can’t participate fully and wholeheartedly in everything?  Are there things you want to do, but can’t because you’re over-committed?  It might be time to scale back, or reassess.

Virgo – 7 of Cups

In the 7 of Cups, the person in the card stands looking at all the cups filled with all kinds of possibilities, weighing his options.  This week, suspend decisions.  Consider all your options carefully before making a decision.  And don’t be afraid to consider the one that has the least amount of information.  Sometimes the one we can’t completely decipher is exactly what we need.

Libra – 5 of Cups

The 5 of Cups depicts a couple out in the cold snow.  They are battered, and yet are not taking comfort in the things available to them at a church they are passing.  This week, Libra, there may be some situations coming that will go against your strong sense of what is right in a social context.  You want things to be fair and equitable. You may even feel the need to stand up for someone.  Consider, before you do anything, sometimes we need to learn the hard lessons for ourselves.

Scorpio – 2 of Wands

Looking at the bigger picture, casino online and knowing you have all the information you need to make a good decision is what this 2 of Wands is all about.  Scorpio, that’s a great card for this week!  So, as you move through each day, know in your heart you have what it takes to be as resourceful as you best casino want or need to be.  Be focused on the outcome, and go with it.

Sagittarius – 4 of Cups reversed

The 4 of Cups reversed speaks to an opportunity coming your way.  So, this week, Sagittarius, look for an offering or some news about something that wildly appeals to your adventurous side.  You may even have a strong emotional reaction to it.  Just be very careful that you make all the considerations you need to so that you aren’t being irresponsible.

Capricorn – King of Cups

This King is a passionate man.  He is also a healer, and has mastered the ability to balance the conscious and unconscious emotions in such a way that he has gained much wisdom.  These traits are very appealing to you Capricorn.  They play nicely with your own wisdom and resourcefulness.  This guy’s passion can collide, though, with your need for a disciplined life.  This week you may find that you are working someone with these traits, or someone who brings out both the wisdom you can share AND the need to ensure things are just so.  If you employ your resourcefulness in a positive way, you’ll do just fine no matter which way it plays out.

Aquarius – Justice reversed

Justice is pretty much just exactly what it sounds like.  But, I’m feeling like this week it has to do with Karmic Justice.  And reversed, you may see it play out as a lack of Karmic Justice.  Your humanitarian side will most likely be outraged this week about something that doesn’t play out in a way that you deem equitable.  Just remember, Justice eventually comes for everyone.  There is no need for you to take on the mission of ensuring it happens in the time frame you think it should.

Pisces – The Sun reversed

The Sun is overall a wonderful and joyful card.  Reversed, it implies that the happiness and joy are still there, just not realized.  As a tender heart, Pisces, a small snafu may bring about feelings that nothing is going right, but in actuality, most everything really is going well. Look harder today to find the blessings, and the things that are “right with the world.” It will make even the snafu seem like more of an annoyance than earth-shattering.