3 of Wands and the Full Moon.

When the full moon comes around it’s time to be willing to see anything that’s revealed to us about our lives, our plans, our thoughts and our dreams.  There’s nothing to be defensive about, because she comes to show us where the successes are so we can be happy, and to show us where the problems might be so we can fix them.  It’s a time to be really open and accepting of what’s offered up and shown to us.

Add the 3 of Wands tarot card to this mix, and there is a continued idea of openness and movement toward a desired outcome.  The 3 of Wands tells us we’ve done all we can, we’ve set things in motion, and it’s time to let go and allow the Universe to provide.

Together, they say that plans are in motion, and within the next few days there will be some revelations about what’s been set in motion.  More will be needed, or success will be attained.  Whichever way it falls, do what needs to be done, look at what’s being revealed with an open mind, and a willingness to make the adjustments if necessary.  If everything moves toward fruition, then celebrate!

Cathy Lynn