The Empress Gives it a Rest: Empress (R)

The Empress sat in her plush domain plotting her ambitious creation plans, and suddenly felt very, very tired. Then it hit her, I’ve spent so much time in creative mode of late, that I forgotten to consider all the lessons of my girl The High Priestess, she thought.  The Empress shut down her computer, turned off her phone, and closed up shop.  She spent the afternoon taking a good look around at all the abundance she had amassed, all the creativity she had manifested and helped others manifest.  She thought through all the plans she’d brought to fruition, all the seeds planted and great harvests brought home.  She considered how fortunate she was that the flow of ideas always remained open for her, like a river flow through and around her.  But she also came to understand she needed to take moments to relish, acknowledge and enjoy her accomplishments; Lavish on the beautiful chaise lounge with its opulent cushions, enjoy the foods and fruits of her harvest, bask in the praise and glory of seeing things come to fruition, and she needed to consider how these wondrous things moved her along her path in the right direction.  She realized the only way to do those things was to give it a rest from time to time.

With the beautiful silver sliver of the Balsamic Moon peeking at her through the window, she slipped into a luxurious bath with a sprinkle of some bath salts that made the water silky and nourishing.  She let her mind quiet, and watched as a slow parade of images floated through, some of them focused on her moments of completion, some of them focused on the few little odds and ends that still needed finished before she could move on to the next big idea or step.  She let these images come and go, not chasing any of them to the next level, just acknowledging, and noting.

When she emerged from the bath, she felt rejuvenated, relaxed and ready to take on the world again.  She picked up her astrophone and called The High Priestess.

“I knew it was you calling as soon as it rang,” Priestess laughed softly as she answered.

Empress chuckled, “Of course you did girlie!  I just wanted to let you know I put one of your lessons to work today.”

“Really?  Do tell.”

“Well, I realized I’d been in a very busy mode of late.  You know me, I’m always flowing!”


“It hit me this afternoon, I’m tired.  So, I stopped for a moment, and when I did, I realized I was just moving through the motions of the next thing, and not really stopping to enjoy what I’ve already done.  I hadn’t taken the time to be ‘me’ and just luxuriate in a long time.  So, I spent the rest of the afternoon enjoying things, and then I took a long meditative bath.  Now I feel ready to get going again!”

“It’s amazing how a little reflection and down time can make everything better, isn’t it Emp?”

Empress laughed, “I knew you were going to say that!”

Priestess chuckled and then said, “We’re in the Balsamic Moon phase, Emp.  She’s whispering to all of us that it’s time to consider our recent experiences and take a good look around, rest a little and get ready for the next upcoming busy cycle.  So, perhaps you’ve finally internalized my lessons oh creative one, so that now you don’t have to ‘think’ about them!”

“Maybe I have, maybe I have.”

One of the lessons of The Empress reversed is to stop and reconnect with the things, experiences and people that leave you feeling abundant in all ways.  During this few days of the Balsamic Moon, as we move toward the New Moon, it’s a great time to do just that.

What leaves you feeling as though you are basking abundance?

Cathy Lynn

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