The Weekend’s Powerful Combination!

There is little more attractive than the graceful confidence of someone who understands their craft, and moves fluidly through the machinations of it.  The Magician is that kind of person.  He has all the resources both internally and externally, he understands the spiritual, emotional and sometimes physical fortitude it takes to manifest what he wants.  And he knows the transformation will be worth it.

The last quarter asks us to realign our vision based on what we have learned through the other phases, and manifest that vision.  With the traits of Virgo – consciousness, quiet curiosity and the ability to get things done – in this moon phase, manifesting a vision should come easily.  Add The Magician, and nothing can stop you! His power is amplified by this moon action!

The rest is up to you!  This weekend could be filled with great opportunity to realize a heartfelt dream, or long held vision.  Have a look around, act consciously and with deliberation.  See how far you can go!

Cathy Lynn
A Major and Minor Love Affair