The Crescent Moon and the 2 of Swords: A Beautiful Partnership

2 of Swords on the Crescent Moon

Softly the water laps at the shore.  The conscious mind is now stilled in quiet, balanced meditation, turned inward to the breath and posture. Nothing stirs as the Crescent Moon watches and whispers to the subconscious mind, “Allow yourself to hear the small voice that will answer the questions that normally swirl in your conscious mind. Absorb all you can of the wisdom that voice offers you.  It will unveil the seed of an idea whose time is now.”

Slowly an idea rises through the layers to conscious thought.  What was once a nebulous notion floating in the background, tugging occasionally at the conscious mind, has form.  It is viable.

And as the mind moves back into motion, it latches onto this new idea, and starts to see a plan form.  Something new is coming.

This is the beautiful partnership of the 2 of Swords and the Crescent Moon.  The 2 asks us to get still and balanced, meditate, shut the world away for a while.  The Crescent Moon reveals what needs to be seen.  What will it reveal to you?