The Gathered Soul

About a year and half ago I stared looking for a journal where I could track multiple esoteric leanings.  I wanted to track my daily tarot card, or reading, bio-rhythms, dreams, etc. I found nothing that suited my needs.  So, I started tinkering with Excel trying to create something for myself.  As I worked with it, I showed it to other friends where are like-minded, and got good response.  So, I finally approached Smash Cake Press with the idea, and they helped me turn it into  The Gather Soul.

This is a journal with various ways of tracking the things you use for your spiritual growth and enlightenment.  Each defined area of the journal has various uses, so it can be used in the way YOU want to record the things YOU want to track.

For instance, the Affirmations section could be used to online casinos write out the daily affirmations you’re working with to change your life.  Or, it can be a place to record the affirming things that happen in your life.  Anything that affirms your path fits in this section of the journal.

It’s also small.  It will fit into most purses or backpack with ease.  It has 3 months worth of pages that are not dated.  There’s no pressure with this journal.  You date it as you go.  So, whether you track things daily, weekly, monthly, occasionally, you can just add it in at your pleasure.  There are no wasted pages like in a dated planner or journal.

If you purchase one, please come back and let me know how it works for you.  I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!

Cathy Lynn