The Woman of Tarot

Last weekend as I was working with the Rider-Waite deck, I started looking at the women in tarot.  Those that are specifically named.  Not The Star, or The World, etc., but the queens of Pentacles, Swords, Wands and Cups, the High Priestess and Empress.  I pulled them all and then studied them.  They are all quite unique and different.

The queens are very focused on their suit.  They are dedicated to it really.  Each one looks at the suit icon, or into the distance offering or contemplating something.  They’re requirement is of themselves, to promote or endure the qualities of their suit or personality. They ask us to look at our “suit” or personality and the requirements of it.

The High Priestess and the Empress unabashedly look directly at us.  They require something of us as the seeker or the reader.  They are point blank in what they want, very direct in their gazes.  They are certain of their callings, of their needs, of their wants, of their powers.  They are confident they have the answer you seek and they are willing to give that answer.

As I looked at these powerful, unique women, I wondered what a card would look like that encompassed all of them.  One woman that embodied their traits.  So, I set out to draw The Woman of Tarot.  She isn’t perfected, but when you look at the drawing, you get the picture.

When I finished and really took a look at her, she is somewhat of a female Magician.  Only she has more than he does, because she has a connection to herself, to the earth and to the cosmos that the Magician doesn’t.  He has all the elements, he knows how to use them, but his connection is more to power than anything else.

This was such a great exercise in studying those 6 images – to really look at each card, and see these women and their greatness.

Once I complete her with more definition and color, I’ll post her again.

– Cathy Lynn