Tarot and Affirmations

This morning I did an exercise outlined in Scott Grossberg’s blog.  Through the exercise, I wrote 5 affirming statements:

I release the outcome of the things in my life.

I live confidently and openly.

I follow through on my commitments.

I send love and light to those who have hurt me and release them.

I am flexible and open to change.

As I sat reflecting on the statements, I wondered what tarot card would fit each statement as a reminder, or focus tool for meditation on that affirmation.  Here’s what I came up with:

I release the outcome of the things in my life.

I chose the 3 of Wands for this one.  This card shows a man standing on a hill overlooking a river where three ships are sailing away.  He’s done everything he can do, and must now release the outcome, and trust that his work will pay off.

I live confidently and openly.

For this statement I chose The Sun.  Is there a more confident and open card?  The child rides the horse naked and laughing.  The sunflowers follow the child’s progress rather than the sun overhead.  Joy, confidence and openness exude from this card.

I am flexible and open to others opinions

Though it might not seem a logical choice, for this statement, I chose the 2 of cups.  It’s a card about partnerships, give and take and collaboration.  In order to be successful in relationships or partnerships, you have to be flexible and open.

I follow through on the things I set out to do.

The 3 of Pentacles seemed like the logical choice.  There is a plan, there are people counting on the artisan to produce what was requested, and the only way he can is to follow through to conclusion the plan that has been put forth.  The card shows the fruition of a plan.

I send love and light to those who have hurt me and release them.

This one was a hard one.  There wasn’t an obvious choice in the cards.  I considered the 3 of Swords, but it really isn’t so much about letting go.  It’s much more about the hurt lingering.  As I looked through the cards, the only one that seemed to even come close to relating to the affirmation was the 10 of Cups.  In the card, a family rejoices in happiness and completion.  The rainbow above speaks to cleansing and renewed hope. Exactly what I want for everyone in life.

It has been an interesting exercise to say the least.  Making the tarot applicable to everyday life, just another thing I love about tarot.

Cathy Lynn