Strength Reversed

In my daily horoscope from Yasmine Boland, there is the statement: “However, as over confidence could be a problem, beware taking on more than you can cope with and do not promise more than you can deliver.”  Just before I opened that link, I drew my card for the day from the *Practical Magic (movie) deck of majors and got Strength reversed.  The sentence and the card go beautifully together!  Strength reversed tells us that subtlety is the best course of action rather than overt strength.

Confidence is not something that I usually have in an overboard fashion.  Usually I’m lacking rather than having an over-abundance.  But, of late, I’ve noticed I’m at that fine line of just enough.  It’s a nice feeling.  But, I’m also aware that I can come across as quite determined, even pushy at times.

The statement above, and the card together tell me that today I may be faced with situations For instance, Taurus alone is fixed earth, sagittarius horoscope alone is mutable fire. where I want to be pushy, or go a little overboard on the confidence.  Instead, I need to be quiet in my confidence today, offer support in ways that are not chatty or forward.  I might want to use persuasion over debate.

The serendipity of this is just one more reason why I love the mysteries of life and the Tarot!

Cathy Lynn

*The Practical Magic movie deck is not available for sale.  I created it from screenshots of the images of the deck found here for my own personal use.