After a Flirty Conversation I Drew a Card

As I paid for my bottled water at my favorite local coffee shop, a gentleman I met a year or so ago walked over to me and struck up a conversation.  He is a handsome man around my age that I did a tarot reading for last summer.

So we’re chatting, and the barista, who I consider a friend, said to him, “So, how’s your friend?”  To which he replied, “Which one?”  The conversation took an interesting turn at that point, as she made it clear she was referring to the female kind, and he commented about more than one.  Some kidding ensued, and much laughter as he turned bright red by the route the conversation went.  Part of his embarrassment, I think, came because he was very clearly doing a bit of flirting with me!  But, I saved him by saying, “There’s nothing wrong with playing the field a bit,” as I walked away.

I went to my table and sat down.  He busied himself with adding cream and such to his coffee, but then came over to my table and resumed chatting with me about his kids. He let me know he was heading off to a football game with one of them.  We chatted about nothing really, but his interest was quite clear and comBishop State: Truck Driving; Premier defensive driving tips Academy; Bevill State Community College: Truck Driving; Photo Credit truck image by timur1970 from Fotolia. flattering.

After he was gone I decided to ask the cards what I needed to know about him.  I pulled one card which turned out to be the 6 of Wands. This card Check out our big range of roulette, blackjack , slots and you’ll nbso online casino soon see that you will not run out of new games to enjoy! Our online casino games are built using state-of-the-art technology to deliver only the latest in sound and visual effects. is about celebrating and being celebrated.  There are a lot of people in colorful garb walking along with a man on a horse wearing a wreath on his head, and he also has one tied high up on his wand.  He is both celebrated and celebrating.

Well!  Playing the field is EXACTLY what he’s doing.  He is enjoying the energy surrounding being free and going out with different people.  He has found women who are fun and pretty easy to be around.  Settling down to just one really isn’t in his immediate thoughts because he is enjoying the attention.  Nothing wrong with that!

But, there is a bit of an undercurrent.  The horse the man in card is riding isn’t white.  He’s gray and he’s covered in a flowing green shroud.  He’s looking back at his rider like “Have you lost your mind?”  So, it could be that, though he is enjoying himself, there is still a part of him that wants something more.

Now, what does all that mean to me?  Well, more than likely that he isn’t a viable option for me right now, but when he comes down off his horse, we might talk  *smile*.