New Beginnings in the 8 of Cups

At first glance, this guy looks very forlorn and lonely.  He seems to have turned away from full cups to go somewhere unknown.

But take a closer look.

The moon above gives a sly, flirty and knowing look as she covers her lover, the sun, and bathes everything below in their unique eclipse brightness.  Our character wears red boots and a red cloak. The water reflects the brilliant blue of the sky, and green on the craggy rocks coming up out of the water is the bright green of Spring. Nothing about this color scheme says loneliness!  Quite the contrary.  It speaks to enlightenment, passion and vitality!

Solar eclipses bring us new beginnings.  Sometimes they come so quietly we hardly notice, and sometimes those new beginnings are thrust upon us quickly.  Either way, they come to us however we need them to in order to jump start or push us in directions we have either been avoiding or might not have otherwise considered.  But they can also bring us clarity.

This card actually speaks of the clarity aspect, and a willingness to begin anew.  It speaks to being a seeker of the true or right path.  And sometimes that means we confidently turn away from everything familiar in order to find that path.  Once we have become aware that we need to start anew, that’s when we realize there are still things to learn. Enlightenment isn’t achieved, it is continually sought.

What new beginning do you need to confidently move toward?  What will you have to move away from to get there?


Cathy Lynn