Generosity Isn’t Always Given, Sometimes It’s Received

Today”s card is the 6 of Pentacles reversed.  It”s a card about generosity – and reversed it can signify a need to accept generosity from others, and from ourselves, without judgement.  And not just generosity in the material sense, perhaps even less so reversed, but a generosity of spirit, love or even spirituality.  Allowing that there is a higher power who is generous with love and attention.  Allowing that people who love us, do indeed love us and want to offer that hand of help, or that shoulder to cry on.

It”s an interesting card for me today.  I”m struggling today with life”s twists and turns.  I”m struggling with how people see me, and how much of that is my own doing.  I”m struggling with my responsibility for and to certain people.  And I”m struggling to allow people to support me emotionally.

Pehaps this card is a message to me to accept whatever generosity is offered to me today. Because maybe, just maybe, I deserve it.

Cathy Lynn