Poppers for the Weekend

When I started asking what I need to consider over the weekend, I asked for 3 cards.  As I shuffled, one popped out – the Queen of Pentacles (a card that represents me most often).  Then I shuffled further and another popped out – Temperance reversed.  I asked for just one more card, and very quickly, the Ace of Cups popped out reversed.


This has been a week of being forced to understand that I’m not dealing with stress well.  Manifestations within my body made it very clear.  I’d been avoiding facing my fears about things outside the realm of my control for too long.  I’ve become quite out of balance.  And this combination of cards reflects that lack of balance perfectly.

The Queen represents me, and what I am at my best:  Stable, nurturing, creative, healing and in tune with myself and those things around me.  But then Temperance and the Ace of Cups follow reversed.  Temperance speaks to a lack of balance and having lost the connections vital to my well-being.  The Ace of Cups speaks to my unwillingness to face my fears, and therefore blocking my ability to let emotions and feelings flow the way they need to.

What does all this mean in terms of the weekend?  Well, it says to me I need to send some time reconnecting to myself and my feelings.  I also need to look for ways to balance out my energy, and allow myself to recognize what I’m feeling and honor it.  So, I’ll more than likely do a little self chakra balancing and energy work.  I’ll sleep as much as I feel I need to.  I won’t push myself so hard to “do” a lot.  And I’ll spend some time with music that won’t let me deny feelings.  I’ll identify them, honor them and release then in whatever way feels needed.

Where does balance need to come into play for you?

Cathy Lynn