For the Love of a Fool

Who doesn’t enjoy childlike wonder and infectious laughter?  Throw in a best pal and anywhere becomes a playground!  Most people look at someone who feels that way or behaves that way as a Fool, yet, they love them for it!  If only more of us had the courage to let our inner child come out and play!

So often, we forget to view our lives and surroundings through the eyes of wonder and awe.  And it doesn’t matter what the landscape.  A city can become a fascination of structure and form.  It is perfection in its minimalistic colors, amazing in the heights of the buildings and in the achievement of those who built them.  The history surrounding any city is like a living, breathing soul once uncovered.

In the same way a park filled with animals and small bodies of water can yield such surprises!  It can be completely mesmerizing to watch squirrels foraging, or the geese fighting over water space.  The synchronized flight of pigeons is beauty in motion.

Taking the step to view the world through such a rosy lenses is a courageous move. So, for the weekend, go alone, or take a bestie, but find The Fool’s love of wonder and belief that no step is too great to take!

Cathy Lynn