2 of Cups: Relationships with Ourselves

Most of the time when the 2 of Cups shows up, we think about love relationships and partnerships with other people.  But, yesterday when I drew it reversed in conjunction with the New Moon, I saw it as an indicator of the relationship I have with myself.

We make deals with ourselves all the time.  Not all of them are good for us. Sometimes it’s little things like, I’ll start that diet tomorrow, because I want this hot fudge sundae today.  Or maybe it’s something like, if he/she does that horrible thing again, I’ll leave types of deals we make all day every day.  Some of them serve us well, some don’t serve us at all.

We also talk to ourselves inside our heads all during our waking hours.В  Some of those conversations are uplifting, and sometimes they are self critical and self sabotaging.

These deals and conversations make up the relationship we have with ourselves.

When I pulled my daily card, and it was Temperance, I realized the two cards together spoke to needing to find a balance within myself about these deals and conversations.

Todays card, the 8 of Swords reinforced that idea. I need to get out of my own way and stop thinking it to death.

So, during this New Moon phase, I’m making a list of the things I want in my life that require me to take action. It’s time to create a relationship with myself where I hold myself to task!

Cathy Lynn