The Knight of Swords

Now this is a guy I could fall in love with!  He’s smart, charismatic, sexually exhilarating, witty and attentive.  He knows his stuff, and is willing to stand up for that which he passionately believes.  He has little fear because his mental acuity is unmatched, and when it comes to debating, he’s the champ.  He has that cold clarity of thought that can cut both ways, as he slices through the nonsense that can accumulate around projects.

Though I could seriously fall in love with him, he would break my heart because he’s also easily bored.  He gets angry quickly, and his words will cut just like the sword he carries so forcefully.  He’ll get over his madness just as quickly, but the damage is done by words he can’t take back.  He strides in with a full court press, but will breeze out just as quickly once the newness wears off.  He really doesn’t mean anything by all this; he just needs someone who moves with the same kind of speed.  Have I mentioned I’m a Virgo?  And though I have the mental strength and wit to keep up with him, his thoughtless words would wound my tender heart over and over and over again.

So, what does he have to teach or impart?  Well, his strengths ask us to be fearless in life, and live it to the fullest.  Take that excitable energy and direct it toward the passions in our lives, and make things happen. Dare to not take no for an answer, and to be pure of our intentions, and words.

On the flip side, the warning is to not be so quick to strike that you do irreparable damage to your cause, or the people who support it and you.  Being pushy isn’t always the best way to handle things. Sometimes nervous energy needs to be calmed rather than acted upon.

Falling in love with this guy is easy…. Taking him for who he really is… not so much!  His lessons though, are paramount to business projects and righteous causes.

Cathy Lynn