The Moon Reversed: What a Card for the Crescent Moon Phase!

When The Moon is reversed, one of the things it asks us to do is release our fears and travel the road less traveled.  It’s time to let go of the things that hold us back and limit us.  Rather than bristling at the things we don’t understand, or acting as the obedience trained puppy, we need to embrace our wilder, instinctual coyote.  Allowing the things we thought weren’t possible to be within the realm of possibility.

In relationship to the Crescent Moon phase, this means it’s time to let the imagination run wild.  Don’t hold back on thoughts and ideas, run with them in your mind.  Write them out on paper, talk them through, let nothing in the realm of creativity be off limits to your mind and thoughts.  Embrace that “terrible” idea, or that “crazy” thought as something without limits.  Let your mind work out the way it CAN happen rather than all the reasons why it can’t or shouldn’t.  Growth and expansion don’t come through limitation.

Cathy Lynn