Ace of Wands for the Weekend

When I pulled my card for the weekend, I was surprised to find that it is one of the cards I pulled for the New Moon phase.  Surprised and pleased.

I started this cycle with the Ace of Wands and The Magician.  These cards together tell me that I have everything I need to bring the spark of new creation into fruition.  They are both about creativity and beginnings.  Perfect for a New Moon in Taurus, with Taurus being the earthy sign so willing to nurture any seed planted.

The card for my weekend, and as we move into the Crescent moon is the Ace of Wands.  The Universe is asking me to hold onto the passion of that first inkling of a creative idea, when passion for it is the highest.  I need to continue to nurture and build the spark into roaring fire that will take me all the way to the end of the Moon cycle, and/or to the fruition of the project I’ve begun.

With the Crescent Moon in Cancer, where my own Moon also resides, it will more than likely be a weekend of cocooning, or catching up with close friends. And a weekend of gestation, plotting and planning for a couple of projects close to my heart.  And a weekend spent working on my home.

Some would say there would be no time for thinking about a project, or absorbing information for it if I’m doing all that.  But I find that I gestate the best when my conscious mind is working and busy.  It helps my subconscious be free to consider things, and then when I’m in the middle of something mundane, it will strike, and push a grand thought to the forefront.

So, here’s to a lovely Cancer Crescent Moon, and a weekend of acquiescence to it.

Cathy Lynn