10 of Swords

Today, we’ve been battered by storm after storm after storm.  Tornadoes have torn through communities, destroying life and property.  I watched a huge one that was being streamed live as it hit northern Birmingham, AL.  The rivers and creeks around where I live are moving toward flood stages, and won’t crest for several hours, though it won’t be what it was in May of last year.  Still there will be some low level flooding.

It’s been a nightmare of a day.  And it actually started last night.  But, just a few moments ago, I looked out the balcony door and saw a beautiful sunset.  The worst is over.  And when I looked at it, the scene reminded me so much of the 10 of Swords.  I love it when that happens… when I see in the happenings of my life, the cards in action.  It’s such an amazing affirmation of their meaning, their depth, their symbolism.

Cathy Lynn