Fiery, Intuitive Woman

The moon has moved to the Disseminating phase.  Sharing information, abilities, the self, resources, etc.  The card I’ve drawn for this phase is the Queen of Wands.  She’s a fiery, creative and intuitive woman.  She can also be quite introspective and quietly strong.  This is the card my tarot friends tell me they associate with me, I don’t always see it, but, I’ll take it! So the next couple of days needs to be about me working with the energy of this card.

The daily draw for me today was the Page of Pentacles reversed. What resonated with me today about this card was the loss of focus on the creative endeavors I’ve been trying to work on and the need for some down time.  I was at a work retreat for most of the week that left me brain mushy and physically tired.  It required spending a lot of time with 19 people, and though I can be quite extroverted, I’m actually an introvert.  So, spending that much time with people and being “on” is exhausting.  No wonder I’ve lost some of my focus!

Between these two cards, I see that I need to step back from the world for a day or so, and get centered again in my creative and intuitive world.  Refocus on my goals in that arena, but also be willing to share what I’m able to without draining myself too much.

So, on this gorgeous day, I’ve spent relaxed and leisurely time with friends, reconnecting with them, and this afternoon, I’ll spend some quality time at home getting back into the a couple of the projects that I’ve let slip to the wayside.  We’ll see what card I draw tomorrow and see how I need to work the Queen’s wonderful energy.

Cathy Lynn