It’s Time to Take Action!

On this rainy, stormy Monday here in the Southeast, we start a new moon phase.  This one is the First Quarter.  During this phase, it’s time to take action.  Start making moves toward the goals.  Interestingly enough, my card for today was the 8 of Cups – a card all about action.

The 8 of Cups features 8 cups arranged in such a way that it appears there is a cup missing.  The figure in the scene has turned his back on the cups, taken up his cloak and walking stick, yellow with enlightenment, and is moving toward a path that leads somewhere else.  The Moon is covering the sun in partial eclipse, and watching the figure moving toward a different path.  The number 8 is also about movement.

This card is a call to action.  Something is missing, or a situation has become stale, or a relationship no longer serves our higher good, or it’s time to start a new project.  You’ll notice I’m not saying it’s necessarily a new path.  It might just be a different path.  But the idea is the only way to move ahead is to move away, or in a different direction.  Action is required in order to find what’s missing, or what is waiting.

The card I drew that represents what I need to be acting on was The Hermit reversed.  The Hermit is the card associated with Virgo (me).  He stands high in snow-capped mountains with a lantern that has a glowing six point star inside as its light.  He also has a can very similar to the one carried by the searcher in the 8 of Cups.  It’s more prominent and is clearly the same yellow as the star, again a nod toward the enlightenment the man has acquired.  He is aged and wizened.  Patient in his attempt to find a new perspective.

But, reversed, The Hermit is yet another call to action.  Enough time has been spent in retro or introspection.  It’s time to put the new perspective into action.  Come out of the cave, or off the mountain and rejoin activity and “doing.”  Offer the wisdom gleaned while on the journey, perhaps started with the 8 of Cups.

The two cards together indicate timing is right for growth through action.  Not only searching or starting a new journey, but sharing it as well.  Finding others on the path, and learning more from them could be one of the ways these cards are embodied.

What call to action are you getting that you’re not heeding?  What have you learned that can be shared?  Who do you still need to learn from?  What might be missing?