Here Comes the Sun!!

Have you heard the Beatles song, “Here Comes the Sun”?  Well one of Friday’s cards was The Sun, and as soon as I pulled it, I could hear that song playing in the background!  And what an appropriate song for that card!

The Sun reminds us to be joyful and exuberant!  Enjoy the elements around us, as well as our resources, and enjoy them with appreciation.  On the card 4 sunflowers watch as the child rides the pony away from them, rather than looking at the sun, as sunflowers normally do.  The sun is HUGE in the sky and smiling as it also watches this lovely child show his joie de vive!!

As I shuffled, The Fool popped out and said, “Me, Too!!”  And he is a great card to go with The Sun.  He is our childlike innocence, our devil may care, our leap and the net will appear.

Add these two cards to moon phase card, The Emperor, and we have the wisdom of age, connections, and resources we might not have on our own, and someone who sees our spark, and wants to help us along the path with it.

When we get it in our minds what we want in our lives, when we create that vision and hold it close, we take that initial step toward having it.  But, we can’t stop there.  Vocalizing it, doing things to reinforce our intent are the next step, and that is part of what the Crescent phase is about as well.  Remember when we tell others what we want, and what our intent is, they want to help.  And that includes the Universe.

Cathy Lynn