Another pair of Men!

A new phase of the moon starts today, that of the Crescent moon.  Zodiac Arts says:

“Keywords for the Crescent phase are: expansion, growth, struggle, opportunity.  It is the time in a cycle that you gather the wisdom learned in the new phase and communicate your intention to move forward.  Light a candle.  Write or read an affirmation.  Listen and absorb.  Commit to your goal.”

My card for this phase turns out to be The Emperor again.  So a new look at The Emperor, and a new pairing with my daily card.

For a phase that is about commitment to forward movement and goals, The Emperor is a great card.  He knows all about the things this phase brings.  He’s been there, done that. And now has the wisdom to impart to those who are willing to hear.  He is living proof that work and commitment pay off in the long run.

My card for the day is the King of Wands reversed (R).  Though many might say that this king reversed lends itself more toward erratic behaviors and an inability to settle on one thing.  Perhaps even a bit of chaos because the energy and passion of this guy isn’t directed well.  I’m leaning toward a different meaning today.  One of tolerance and kindness.  He has come to understand that not everyone “gets” him and that’s ok.  He no longer expects everyone to keep up with him, or be at his level of commitment.  It doesn’t change him – or what he wants – but it does temper his passion a bit.

Put these two cards together, and the theme for today anyway is one of paying attention but not sweating anything right now.  Communication is great, but sometimes, we need to sit back and watch and listen.  We need to take in what is being offered or shown without making snap decisions.  Opportunities knock, and we open the door, but that doesn’t mean we must immediately walk through without any thought or consideration every time.  The Emperor didn’t get where he is by plowing ahead full-steam all the time.  Calculated decisions and thought processes fired by the commitment and passion to achieve the goal are often the better course.

As a point of curiosity, I often see what the next card is after I pull the phase or daily card.  For both of these cards today, the following card was The Star.  What an affirmation of hope and Universal support!!

Cathy Lynn