Major and Minor Leadership

On this last day of the New Moon phase, my card pairing is the King of Swords (on the left) and The Emperor (on the Right).  These two cards are very, very much alike.  Both men face us directly, though their eyes are turned slightly to the West.  Each holds something in their right hand that speaks to their actions or achievements, and each one”s left hand carries something symbolic of their current place in life.   Their crowns are even of similar shape.

There is also a similarity of meaning for these cards, but it”s more as though the King of Swords is the Emperor at a younger age, or in an earlier place of life.  The King”s actions, transformative thought and integrity built an empire over which he can reign as the Emperor later in life.  The King has his honor to stand upon; he is loved for his fairness.  He needs no armor because his intellect is more of a weapon than his sword.  As the Emperor, he has relinquished the sword altogether, but, he has donned armor.  The butterflies of transformation have changed into the ram, a creature of great fortitude and capability – possibly even ingenuity, but rather than retaining the airy qualities of thought, the ram is a “push-through” kind of creature.

The correlations of the cards are lovely.  The possibilities these two cards together represent are incredible!

There is, however, a possible warning here.  Though it is grand to be the trail blazer, to cut through nonsense with reason and fairness, and to be the change, we have to remember not to let it fence us in.  When we are able to bring about such monumental change, and amass greatness, it can lead to the idea that others want what we have bad enough  to take it or compromise us.  It can leave us feeling the need to protect ourselves and our thoughts behind a tough exterior (armor).  Or it can put in our minds that we are superior, better than anyone else, and therefore must be protected.  Holding onto our humble humanity when we wield such power and influence can be a tough task.  Remembering that it is still alright to be vulnerable and show feeling can also become difficult.

Leadership, which is what the King and the Emperor are all about, is a service position and a privilege, not a right.  A leader is there to serve, not be served.  The King of Swords knows this.  The Emperor needs to remember it.

Cathy Lynn