A Marriage Made in Heaven? Maybe.

My card pairing for today is the Queen of Cups and The Emperor, the Queen being my card for the day (on the left), and the Emperor being the card for the New Moon phase (on the right).

What first strikes me about these two is the isolation.  He has risen to the lofty heights of success.  He has achieved his goals, and now sits at the pinnacle of his life and career.  He is respected and revered, but he is also very, very alone.  His eyes are looking off to the West, perhaps considering his retirement.  Far below him runs the river that has carved its mark in the landscape he surveys, much like he has made his mark.  It”s set in stone.  Isn”t it?  The way I have the cards positioned, he is looking toward the Queen.  Maybe he sees in her what is lacking in his own life now.  The pieces of him he has forgotten, or left behind.  He longs for the sustaining waters and emotions in which she lives.

Her isolation is of her own making because she is so focused on her cup, or inner world.  She faces her ocean of feeling, her sea of all the hidden treasure of her realm, and stares into the exotic cup she holds.  The cup is closed, but she can see inside it with her mind.  She has no need to open it to enjoy and understand its possibilities, its intricacies.  The tide is rolling in, but she has no fear of it, though it will wash the sand out from under her, make her throne sink, cover her feet and legs with the salty water.  She is confident in her knowledge that all will be as it should be.  It”s part of the ebb and flow of life, and she rolls with it, nurtures it.  But, she doesn’t even know he exists.  Or does she?  Perhaps he is exactly what she is visualizing, what she is conjuring with her creative spirit.  Maybe she doesn’t need to look around in order to “see” him.

These two could possibly be the perfect couple.  He has the drive, the fire and the external resources and she has the ideas and the ability to nurture them.  He is outward, she is inward.  They could balance each other nicely.

So the marriage of these two cards does come to a heavenly message.  Balance.  Remembering in order to enjoy our lives, we have to define our successes in more ways than external achievement.  Isolation into the mind, or by our things isn”t healthy. There has to be an internal happiness, or it means very little in the grand scheme of things.

Cathy Lynn